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The Balder share is listed on Nasdaq since 2015. 

The Balder share was listed on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange in October 1999 under the name Enlight AB. On account of the company's changed operations, the share was then placed on the observation list of the O list on 1 July 2005. Since the change of name to Fastighets AB Balder on 7 September 2005, the share has been traded under the ticker BALD.
On 24 March 2006, the share was relisted on the Small Cap of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and the share was listed on the Mid Cap of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm during 2010. The Balder share is listed on Nasdaq, Large Cap since January 2015.
Since 20 June 2011, when we listed our preference share, Balder has two listed classes of shares, an ordinary Class B share as well as a preference share.

The preference share

Since 20 June 2011, Balder has a preference share which pays a dividend of SEK 5 per quarter. The preference share's dividend payments calendar is found under "Dividend".

Contact person

Marcus Hansson

Head of finance
+46 31-10 95 94